Thursday, August 27, 2015

Johan and Kathy | San Agustin Church

Johan and Kathy | Same Day Edit from JC & Aby | Pixie Dream Studios on Vimeo.

The bride, the church, the people and their love story... Simply lovable. Don't miss to click the play button.
They were both preoccupied with their work as an engineer. Both wasn't looking for love. But one day cupid never missed to point the love arrow to Johan Serrano and Kathy.
Yes, God had a bigger plan for both of them. And now after few years of waiting they are being blessed. Because LOVE is worth fighting for.
Sharing Johan and Kathy | Same Day Edit
Pixie Dream Studios
San Agustin Church
Prep: The Bayleaf Intramuros
Photo: PAUL BONIN photography Paulbonin Togado Vargas
Jhe Serrano Abbeeh Lyn Aron Alaurin Charm Ramirez Karlo Elizer Nodado Gonzales

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