Monday, October 28, 2013

Tsinelas | Short Film

"tsinelas" | Short Film | Trailer from JC Co | Pixie Dream Studios on Vimeo.
Pixie Dream Studios proudly presents Tsinelas. 'Tsinelas' is an official entry for the First Pe├▒afrancia Short Film Festival competition in celebration of the Penafrancia Festival in Naga City.
Tsinelas won as 2nd Best Picture and Best Actor on a leading role. 

Synopsis: Witnessing with his own eyes the accident that took away his family, a man flees to escape the harshness of truth and leaves behind his life, his dreams, his purpose, and his sanity. Living a nomadic existence; scouring the daily remnants of garbage and waste for food; the man claims, every night, the inhospitable cold embrace of whatever shelter he can find to mourn what had come to pass, what he no longer has, and the misery that is yet to come. Devoid of understanding, love and care, the man turns to the only thing he had left of his former life for refuge from the apathy of society– his daughter’s slipper. Is there a chance of redemption for a man that doesn’t want to be saved? Can faith make up for a man’s suffering? And, will there be hope for the life of a man who had lost everything and wants nothing?
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