Pixie Dream Studios

Pixie Dream Studios aims to capture the emotions, love and the real beauty of your 
wedding day and preserve that moment for a lifetime. 
We do it as candid as possible, artistic
and cinematic. We love our brides and grooms, specially our Pixie Dream Brides. We want them to feel beautiful, special and classy on their big day. You may see that we have 
a different style in capturing your big day. 
If you love our videos and style then we might be the one 
you are looking for.

What is Same Day Edit?
“SDE” is a summary of your wedding day. It will be
shown during the reception. It includes the preparation,
ceremony and your reception entrance. And if the first dance will be 
on the top of your program list, we might also include it. 
SDE’s are one of the things couple look forward too at the reception dinner. 
Because you get to see the glimpse of what happened on your wedding day. 

How long is the SDE?
It is approximately 3-5mins. 
We usually choose the song that will help us make a story
 and to be able to deliver the workflow we prepared. 
But if you have a song in mind we would love to hear it.

How do you make the SDE?
We make a short story based on what happened on your wedding.
A lovely and unique personal vows will be a big help on how we
can create a story. And your emotions and genuine reactions will 
be a big plus to help us deliver a good SDE. 
You tell the story, we will make it happen.

What is a Wedding Film?
It is the final product that we will deliver to you few months after your wedding.
Unlike the SDE, wedding film is a full cinematic highlights 
of your wedding. It is aproximately 15-30mins depends on what happened
on your wedding day. You will be able to see those scenes that wasn’t 
included in your SDE, it is like a longer version of SDE. 
Wedding film is a cinematic cut (non-linear edit) of the preparations, ceremony, 
the reception party and speeches. 
This will take time to edit, as I mention awhile ago, 
we will deliver the final product few months after you wedding day. 

Save the Date or Prenup Video
Most couple want to have a save the date video/prenup video. It is where 
they will feel like they are celebrities making their own short movies.
We will provide you a checklist to be able to know your likes and characters.
This will help us make a theme and story line for you own prenup save
the date video. 

If you have any inquiries please contract us.

Email: pixiedreamstudios@gmail.com

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