Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pixie Dream Studios | Demo Reel

Pixie Dream Studios | Demoreel 2015 from JC & Aby | Pixie Dream Studios on Vimeo.

It was one great experience and journey since we started in this wedding industry. Got to witness lovely stories of our clients here, brought us to different places, cities and even country. Though it took us days to finish this demo reel since we needed to browse all the weddings we've covered. But hey we got the chance to see all these beautiful weddings again.
Still very very thankful for all the trusts and blessings that came. And very excited for more weddings/events to come. We are always ready for one great adventure, again.
Here's Pixie Dream Studios 2015 Demo reel. Enjoy guys. Hope in our next demo reel you'll be in it. kiki emoticon
God bless!

Tata and Chingkay | Garden Wedding

Tata and Chingkay | Same Day Edit from JC & Aby | Pixie Dream Studios on Vimeo.

Here's the much awaited wedding of Tata and Chingkay. Our bride here's one of our co-supplier in the wedding industry, she's from the coordinating team of Purple Puppets. We're honored and overwhelmed to be chosen to cover their wedding, and the best part is we from Pixie Dream team is part of the surprise gift to Tata and Chingkay. And also we got to work again with the awesome photographers from MangoRed.
Their garden wedding was breathtaking,from the decorations and set upof the ceremony and reception, to the lovely details, flowers and the hard working people behind to make their dream wedding come true. And lets not forget our handsome groom and the blushing bride with her radiant smile.

John and Erika | Boho Wedding

John and Erika | Same Day Edit from JC & Aby | Pixie Dream Studios on Vimeo.

"Come what may..."
That's Erika and John's love story.
Their wedding day was full of roller coaster emotions, even the weather was unpredictable. It was sunny at first then half way through it started to rain... For some they feel a bit disappointed but for Erika, she sees it as a blessing. She was very optimistic and positive, full of love and care free just like a gypsy bride.
I could go on and on about this wedding, the place, the people, the view, the groom's vows, that boho feel and set-up. Not to mention her 700php worth bridal dress. But to some it all...
It was a beautiful wedding.

Kj and Dee | Tagaytay Wedding

KJ and Dee | Save The Date from JC & Aby | Pixie Dream Studios on Vimeo.

KJ and Dee | Same Day Edit | Epic Wedding from JC & Aby | Pixie Dream Studios on Vimeo.

Been really honored to be part of Kj and Dee's beautiful wedding. Their family and friends was so welcoming and equally fun and lovely as to our couple here. We weren't just their to cover the wedding but we're part of the wedding as well. We felt like we're part of the family also. Just can't express our gratitude to this lovely couple. Indeed it was one epic wedding, the place was so romantic, the Chapel on the Hill was breath taking and the reception in Splendido were amazing. Not to mention the awesome people/suppliers we worked with. We are so speechless with all of the beautiful and heart warming comments/feedbacks from Kj,Dee and to theirs family and friends.
As to Kj said on his thank you speech "It is all worth it. And we would love to do this again."
Kj and Dee | Same Day Edit | Epic Wedding
Video: Pixie Dream Studios
Coordinator: RHED Events by Rhed Sarmiento
Photo: Yonken Photography Fishcrackers Photography Suburban Love Studios
Preparations: Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay
Church: Chapel on the Hill
Reception: Splendido Taal Country Club
HMUA:Chalk Santos
Flower and Styling: Manuel Sony Francisco
Host: Missy Ferrer-Litao

Gary and Miggy | Singapore

Gary and Miggy | Singapore | Save the Date from JC & Aby | Pixie Dream Studios on Vimeo.

Gary and Miggy Same Day Edit from JC & Aby | Pixie Dream Studios on Vimeo.

From their fun prenup in Singapore up to their wedding day Miggy never lost that sweet smile and the spark whenever she looks at Gary. You'll see in their eyes the love,the happiness and that strong relationship they built for 8 years.
Garret and Miggy | Same Day Edit
Pixie Dream Studios

Stan and Carla | Misibis Wedding

Stan and Carla | Same Day Edit | Misibis Bay Wedding from JC & Aby | Pixie Dream Studios on Vimeo.

Summer Air ; Sea Breeze; White Sand Beaches; A perfect plan to fall in love. To some, the turquoise blue waters of Misibis Bay will be remembered with the fond memories of summer. But for Stan and Carla it will be the start of their journey of a lifetime.
Stan and Carla | Same Day Edit Video
Misibis Bay Wedding
Pixie Dream Studios

Andre and Arianne | Same Day Edit

Andre and Arianne | Same Day Edit from JC & Aby | Pixie Dream Studios on Vimeo.

When two hearts are meant to be, time and distance are things that doesn't matter and as Andre and Arianne knew decades may pass through oceans apart, A vow made from love will forever be kept true.
Andre and Arianne | Same Day Edit Video
Pixie Dream Studios

Cody and April | Same Day Edit

Cody and April | Same Day Edit from JC & Aby | Pixie Dream Studios on Vimeo.

We admire how Cody and April expresses their love for each other,
they are not shy to show their true emotions. We witnessed how much love and respect they have for each other. Such a lovely couple. Like other relationship they too have encountered problems and struggled along the way but their love for Christ help them to be strong.
To April and Cody congratulations and may God bless you more. kiki emoticon

Rainier and Aiza | Save the Date | Masbate

Rainier and Aiza | Save the Date from JC & Aby | Pixie Dream Studios on Vimeo.

Like the cresting and falling of ocean waves, life is full of ups and downs. But for Rainier and Aiza, the beautiful backdrop of coral-strewn beaches, lush mountains, and azure seas create a different metaphor; a fresh start marked by a summer, that we hope, to last forever. The beauty of Masbate.
Rainier and Aiza Eyes | Save the Date
Pixie Dream Studios

Jett and Nica | The Perfect Cup

Jett and Nica | "Perfect Cup" | Save the Date from JC & Aby | Pixie Dream Studios on Vimeo.

When love is perfectly blended to create a perfect brew.
Just as different tastes are created by different ingredients, a different kind of attraction is created by different personalities. As Jett and Nica found out the perfect love, like a hard-to-find brew of perfectly blended coffee, is worth cherishing forever when finally found.

Jett and Nica | Same Day Edit from JC & Aby | Pixie Dream Studios on Vimeo.

Faith is a funny thing... You can spend your life trying to fight it, and nearly always you will not win. All the signs you need is there, right in your face. Sometimes, its just to near for you to see. But when you do see, when everything is made clear... Everything about you changes.
Happiness really is about contentment. And the key is to find what really does matter. Because what matter can make simple things more than what they are... forever. And life becomes more than what we could have ever wanted it to be.
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