Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jett and Nica | The Perfect Cup

Jett and Nica | "Perfect Cup" | Save the Date from JC & Aby | Pixie Dream Studios on Vimeo.

When love is perfectly blended to create a perfect brew.
Just as different tastes are created by different ingredients, a different kind of attraction is created by different personalities. As Jett and Nica found out the perfect love, like a hard-to-find brew of perfectly blended coffee, is worth cherishing forever when finally found.

Jett and Nica | Same Day Edit from JC & Aby | Pixie Dream Studios on Vimeo.

Faith is a funny thing... You can spend your life trying to fight it, and nearly always you will not win. All the signs you need is there, right in your face. Sometimes, its just to near for you to see. But when you do see, when everything is made clear... Everything about you changes.
Happiness really is about contentment. And the key is to find what really does matter. Because what matter can make simple things more than what they are... forever. And life becomes more than what we could have ever wanted it to be.

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